Scattered Pictures by Jai Tanju

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Image of Scattered Pictures by Jai Tanju

This is a 60 page black & white perfect bind zine by Jai Tanju
(signed & numbered for 10$ includes shipping)

My good friend Eddie passed away recently and in my sadness I pulled out an old dusty hard drive I had in storage to try to find a few photographs of him, and remember some of the good times we’d had together. While searching through the hard drive I discovered a bunch of photographs that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Most of these photographs have been used in some way or another- either in magazines, or an artshow and in some cases both. Some of these photographs are among my favorite photos that I’ve ever taken. In them are friends, artists, photographers, skateboarders- all heroes and inspirations in my life.

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this zine includes photographs of
Julian Stranger
Nestor Judkins
Scott Bourne
Cairo Foster
Louie Barletta
Jerry Hsu
Elissa Steamer
Tobin Yelland
Dennis McGrath
Mark Whiteley
Joe Brook
Aaron Harrison
Nik Freitas
Ray Barbee
Salman Agah
Tim Brauch
Ed Nemeth
Zarosh Eggleston
Jason Adams & Louie Barletta
Chet Childress
Emmanuel Guzman
Caswell Berry
Matt Eversole
Blanche Gonzalez
Patrick O’dell
Sergej Vutuc
Shawn Whisenant - x2
Rich Jacobs
Spencer Jacobs
Bill Daniels - x2
Greg Hunt
Yuri Shibuya
Cyril Mountain
Ed Templeton
Mark Suciu - x2
Ray Potes
David Franklin
racoon in the zoo
Smashed video camera
Alan Peterson
Peter Gunn
John Jeffery Rogers
Beer & dear
John Cardiel, Scott Sisamis, Julian Stranger
Preston Maigetter
& Jake Ryan Torres

Image of Scattered Pictures by Jai Tanju Image of Scattered Pictures by Jai Tanju Image of Scattered Pictures by Jai Tanju Image of Scattered Pictures by Jai Tanju